Coping with Glaucoma: Filipino Patients\’ Stories

Coping with Glaucoma: Filipino Patients\’ Stories



Glaucoma, often known as the \”sneak thief of sight\”, is a group of eye diseases causing damage to the optic nerve, potentially resulting in vision loss or even blindness. Unfortunately, the Philippines bears a significant burden of this disease.

Personal Stories

Story 1: Maria\’s Journey

Maria, a teacher from Manila, noticed her vision declining gradually. After consulting with an ophthalmologist, her fear turned into reality – she was diagnosed with glaucoma.

For Maria, the struggles were taxing. Simple tasks like reading became challenging. However, she was determined to fight. Maria underwent a surgical procedure, started medications and made crucial lifestyle changes, including regular eye-exercises.

The journey wasn\’t easy, but seeing modest improvements in her condition invigorated her spirit. Today, Maria avidly advocates for regular eye-check-ups, hoping her journey might inspire others in coping with glaucoma.

Story 2: Carlo\’s Battle

Carlo, an aspiring artist, began experiencing difficulty in his peripheral vision. His world came crashing down when he was diagnosed with glaucoma.

The struggle post-diagnosis was a hard-fought battle. But Carlo chose to face it head-on. He tried controlling the condition with eye drops, underwent laser treatment, and changed his diet.

His perseverance paid off, and although his vision could not be fully restored, the progression of the disease was slowed. Carlo still creates art today, focusing on inspiring others with his story and shedding light on glaucoma\’s impact.

Current Treatments and Advancements in Glaucoma Care

While glaucoma can be intimidating, modern medicine offers several treatment options, including prescription eye drops, laser treatment, or microsurgery. Beyond medical treatment, lifestyle adjustments like a balanced diet, regular exercise, and periodic eye check-ups can mitigate the impact of glaucoma.


The stories of Maria and Carlo are testaments of resilience in the face of glaucoma. Their journey of coping and adapting to life changes stands as an inspiration for many others dealing with similar conditions. Remember, early detection is key in managing glaucoma, so take their advice and, have regular eye check-ups. Let\’s spread the word and support those in our communities who may be embarking on this journey.

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