Glaucoma in Filipino Children: A Deep Dive

Glaucoma in Filipino Children: A Deep Dive


Glaucoma, often dubbed as the “silent thief of sight,” is a medical condition that damages the optic nerves, leading to progressive and irreversible vision loss. Although it’s prevalent among older adults, this blinding menace can sneak up on children too. This article examines the extent of this problem among Filipino children and explores how we can tackle it.

Glaucoma among Filipino Children

Alarmingly, a growing number of Filipino children are falling prey to glaucoma. Factors such as genetic predispositions, other underlying health conditions, or injuries may contribute to this high rate of incidence among Filipino children. However, the most pressing concern is that many of these cases remain undiagnosed until significant vision loss has already occurred.

Recognizing Symptoms of Glaucoma in Children

In children, the symptoms of glaucoma can be subtle and easy to miss. They may include excessive tearing, light sensitivity, squinting, or the appearance of a cloudy cornea. Regular eye check-ups for children are thus vital for early detection and prompt intervention.

Treating Glaucoma in Filipino Children

Treatment options for child glaucoma patients in the Philippines range from medication to surgery. Drugs, primarily in the form of eye drops, can help reduce eye pressure, while various surgical options aim to restore normal eye fluid levels. The success of treatments varies, with the ultimate goal being to prevent further vision loss.

Prevention of Glaucoma

While glaucoma often cannot be prevented, its impacts can be mitigated with early detection and suitable treatment. Awareness campaigns stressing the importance of routine eye check-ups for children can help unearth asymptomatic cases and initiate timely interventions.


Glaucoma in Filipino children is a growing public health issue that demands our immediate attention. Increased awareness, coupled with early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment strategies, can help safeguard our children’s vision. Let’s take the initiative and spark a conversation about child glaucoma within our communities.

We urge you to contribute to this cause by spreading this information – it may even save a child’s sight. Let this serve as a reminder to schedule your child’s next eye appointment for early detection of any issues.

Stay vigilant, save vision.

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