Natural Supplements for Glaucoma: What Do Filipinos Say?

Natural Supplements for Glaucoma: What Do Filipinos Say?


In the rich tapestry of health and wellness, natural supplements have found their place as an alternative or complementary approach to conventional medicine. In this discourse, we delve into the perspective of Filipinos and the role of natural supplements in their battle against Glaucoma.

Understanding Glaucoma: An Overview

Glaucoma is a progressive condition that damages the optic nerve and can eventually lead to blindness. The risk factors include age, genetic predisposition, and certain medical conditions like diabetes. With around 7 million Filipinos suffering from Glaucoma, the demand for a comprehensive understanding of its management is pressing.

Cultural Context: Glaucoma in the Philippines

The Philippines, like many other nations, has been grappling with the pervasive issue of Glaucoma. Its inhabitants, however, have leveraged the country\’s biodiversity to include natural supplements in their treatment regimen alongside conventional therapies.

Natural Supplements in Filipino Glaucoma Treatments

Filipinos have long been harnessing the power of Mother Nature to treat various ailments. From using Malunggay (Moringa) to combat inflammation to the antioxidant-rich Mabolo (Butterfruit) for general wellness, Filipinos utilize these resources in their fight against Glaucoma. While many attest to the benefits of such natural alternatives, scientific validation remains incomplete.

Common Natural Supplements Used by Filipinos for Glaucoma:

Here\’s a look into some commonly used supplements:

  1. Banaba – Known for its high corosolic acid content, Banaba is believed to help in regulating intraocular pressure when used in combination with conventional medication.
  2. Turmeric – Its active ingredient, Curcumin, is seen as a potentially potent reducer of oxidative stress, which can contribute to Glaucoma.

Though these narratives provide encouraging insights, they are predominantly anecdotal, with robust scientific validation still underway.

Medical Perspective: What Experts Say

Most medical professionals caution against replacing primary treatments with natural supplements. They, however, do acknowledge that supplements can complement a glaucoma treatment regimen if used responsibly and with professional guidance. Scientists in the Philippines are keen on exploring the potential of their rich native biodiversity in this context, making this an engrossing space to watch.


The dialogue on natural supplements for Glaucoma is far from over. With science and tradition on either ends of the spectrum, the Filipino narrative is an intricate blend of both. As we continue to embark on this quest for wellness, let us remember to do so armed with information, guided by professionals and inspired by real life experiences.

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