What to expect after Glaucoma surgery?


Your Complete Guide on What to Expect After Glaucoma Surgery


Glaucoma, a complex eye disorder, can significantly impact vision. One of the treatments is Glaucoma surgery, aimed to ease intraocular pressure that can cause damages to the optic nerve. The idea of undergoing eye surgery can be intimidating, but understanding what to expect post-procedure is the first step towards smooth recovery.

What can you expect immediately after Glaucoma surgery?

Prior to being discharged, patients typically experience blurry vision and mild pain. This is absolutely normal and generally subsides within a few hours to a few days. You\’ll be prescribed eye-drops to help decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of infection.

Recovery timeline and what to expect

The typical healing period after Glaucoma surgery varies between three weeks to several months, depending on the type of surgery and the individual\’s health condition.

  • One week post-surgery: You might still experience irritation and sensitivity to light, but the blurriness should reduce.
  • Within three weeks of surgery: Pain often subsides significantly during this period with the potential of mild discomfort remaining.
  • Several weeks to months later: Tour vision should stabilize and gradually return to normal.

These recovery times can differ amongst individuals, so keep in close contact with your eye specialist.

Common complications and ways to tackle them

While complications are rare, patients may experience inflammation, infection, low eye pressure, or excessive bleeding. Adhering to your ophthalmologist\’s recommendations, taking prescribed medication, and regular follow-up appointments will ensure potential complications are addressed promptly.

Aftercare routines

An essential part to foster recovery is to follow the aftercare routines given by your doctor. These usually involve:

  • Regularly using prescribed eye drops
  • Avoiding strenuous activities
  • Avoid rubbing or adding pressure to your eyes

It is crucial to follow these measures until your doctor advises it\’s safe to resume your usual activities.

When to return to work and post-surgery lifestyle changes

Most patients can resume work and normal activities after three to six weeks post-surgery, depending on how well they are healing and their type of work. Lifting heavy objects or any activity that could place stress on the eye is typically discouraged for a few weeks.

The prospect of glaucoma surgery can seem daunting; however, being prepared for what follows can make recovery manageable and less overwhelming. The importance of professional guidance and follow-up appointments cannot be overstressed. Remember, every patient\’s recovery journey is unique. Listen to your body, follow your aftercare routine, and keep in touch with your doctor to ensure optimal recovery.

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